Sunday, 20 March 2011

Island Life

We went to Kapiti Island today. If you don't know, Kapiti Island is a nature reserve, just a wee ferry ride off Paraparaumu Beach. It's known for its awesome bird life. I'm very fond of certain native birds, so I was pretty excited to show them to Sweeney. We went to the North End, because the terrain is easier for the littl'uns.
I think the next time I go there with Sweeney, he'll be at least thirty years old, and we'll go to a part of the island where there are some birds. Well, some birds that aren't ducks, anyway. Oh okay, we saw a bunch of weka, and there were a few beautiful robins when we got underneath some trees, and I saw a bunch of what I thought were takahe, but they were just enormous pukeko. I'm being churlish, I know, but I was totally hanging out for some kakariki action, and I wanted forest, not coastline. Sigh ...
But as the photos - none bird-related, I'm afraid - show, Sweeney, Harper and Leo had a fine time. The ferry-tractor config at the start of the day was fascinating, and throwing rocks into the sea was a fab end to our time on the island. And they had a wild time together inbetween those bits. We even saw an enormous stingray.

Time to Pretend

Just in from MGMT. What an ace show, what with the lights and the sound and the tunes and all. And I was in excellent company, what with the Ruth and the John and the Lee. And the Student Union was all refurbished and flash, with Jamesons on offer even, and the place jam-packed with well-groomed young things. Orientation gigs are a whole world away from in my day.
Admittedly, my day was about 3 million years ago.
Another gig where I am entirely unfamiliar with the music, but am now feverishly downloading ace tunes off the interwebs ....

Monday, 14 March 2011

Sunday Song

Ordinarily, I have no reason to wear platforms in the forest ...
Fantastic Mr Fox breakfast - French toast and blueberry smoothies

Some O'Neill family chaps with the O'Neill family bike

Sweeney with his full set of cousins.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Here Comes the Sun(flower)

Check out our sunflowers!! Sweeney's Grandad nurtured these fine specimens from seed. They're on the wane now, though, and birds have harvested a swag of the seeds already. But they've given us, and all the people who walk past the house every day, a blast at just how huge and happy-looking they are. Sweeney's appointed himself Minister of Watering.
In other news, it feels like summer is truly on the way out. A wintery blast, with wind that snapped one of the supports for the shade sail, has hit town. Broke out the raincoats yesterday. Thinking about firing up the slow cooker for something warming for tomorrow night's dinner. It's dark at 6am now. I'm thinking about putting my slippers on.
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