Thursday, 8 May 2008

Ange and the Sween-stalk

One good thing about the new regime, with Sweeney in Christchurch and me in Wellington, is that every second Thursday feels like Christmas Eve used to feel when I was a kid. Except now I'm totally sure there'll be no drawer liners or a set of embroidered, scratchy hankies.

He's coming up with Mum and Dad for the weekend, arriving tomorrow. I've been getting more and more excited all day, hopefully won't drive my poor workmates mad tomorrow.


Sunday, 4 May 2008

Let the Mild Rumpus Start ...

A whole new episode has erupted in my life. Just after my last post, Martin and I broke up for good and ever and ever and ever. The biggest shock has been the sense of relief that it's over and there's no working it out and no option of going back into it or anything. Trying to do the friends/amicable breakup thing, but the situation is still fresh and things get a bit bumpy from time to time.

The worst thing is that Sweeney is down with Mum and Dad in Christchurch still. In itself, no bad thing, because he's a box of happy wherever he is, and Mum and Dad insist that they love having him. I started a contract at the Ministry of Justice and need to find him full-time child care up here, or get a job down in Christchurch, and am missing him terribly. I've been going down to see him every second weekend. He's growing so fast.

Last weekend he pointed to a picture of a baby, and said "baby". I nearly died with happiness at being there.

The last six weeks have been spent getting the hang of my new job, clearing up the stuff Martin's left in the house, spending time with my friends, lying about feeling Sad About Stuff. And cooking delicious puddings and eating them on my lap for dinner. Have called a halt to that, but probably should've done it 5kg ago.

Things to enjoy at the moment:
  • my new job, which forces me to be in an enclosed space with hilarious, interesting, nice people, while engaged in interesting and useful work;
  • eating anchovies, herrings, all fish in fact, whenever I like around the house;
  • getting the house back to a state that I like living in;
  • not worrying or feeling anxious about Martin anymore;
  • my new car;
  • my new leaf blower - have been waiting for the ground to dry out to try the vacuum/shredder bit - should be all go a bit later today;
  • getting up in the morning and being ready to walk out the door to work within half an hour;
  • my lovely friends and their children who're getting a lot of attention from me on my childless days;
  • my wonderful family - especially Sweeney and his teensy cousin; and
  • the tuis in the garden.

The big challenge for me at the moment is to find someone to replace the roof. Martin's friend Mike visited this morning and had a look to diagnose the scary-looking seepage at the top of the stairs, and he reckons he knows some guys. Also need a new oven.

Currently working on a hooded jacket for Sweeney, must get back to that now so it's ready for him when he gets here on Friday. Oh, did I mention he and Mum and Dad are coming up next weekend?? I can't wait ...

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