Sunday, 11 March 2012

Run Run Run

February was all about the running, for me. Did you know that I'm a runner? Oh yes. Not Usain Bolt or anything. Just slogging it out, looking reasonably appalling, usually bright red from the first couple of strides. Anyhow, Kimberley and I did Round the Bays this year. It required training and commitment, which meant I was entirely likely to give up quickly, so we joined a running group and put ourselves through all kinds of torture every Monday and Wednesday for what felt like years. Among other things, I know that I can jump up the Hood St steps now. Not in one go, mind. That would be silly. More importantly, I know that I can run for 45 minutes without stopping, although calling it running is kind of generous. So, in the spirit of recognising your limitations and accepting the aging process and all that, we're doing a 10km race in April. Training independently this time, and I actually am doing it. Now that 45 minutes is doable, going out by myself for a 30 minute run feels fine. That said, I'm not up for running in the rain or anything hardcore like that. In other news, I have an iPad now. My trusty laptop finally gave up the ghost, after several near-death experiences and technological interventions over the years. I found myself feeling strangely liberated as I did a perfunctory amount of research, made a careful decision to buy a Windows laptop, then lost my head when I saw a great deal for iPads and bought one on the spot. Genius. It's a different experience - the whole Mac thing - but there's a lot to love so far. The built-in camera, for one ... But can anyone tell me how to upload a photo from my iPad onto this-here blog post? I'm baffled, to be sure.
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