Monday, 28 June 2010

The Party's Over

Wow, I didn't realise just how much actual work went into Sweeney's party until it was over. Just getting the house and garden sorted, planning the food, thinking up who should come, that sort of thing. And all the while, the full-time job started ramping up to being more full-time than is really good for us, but it's an opportunity for some good work that I don't want to pass up.
We've had a bit of time to ooh and ahhh at some of the fab things people brought for Sweeney. Turns out we know some very cool, discerning people. Current fave is Marble Race. Sweeney and his Grandad set it up yesterday, and this morning Sweeney didn't even ask for cartoons over breakfast. He just tootled with Marble Race while he ate.
I call that a Result.
In other news, my veges are doing okay. Did you know I'd planted vege this winter?? No?? Well, I got the message that homegrown veges are the new black, and I had to something to celebrate the glorious fence, so I got to planting, and can report that the brussel sprouts are looking especially mighty. The broccoli appears to be struggling a bit, and the broad beans aren't putting on very much height, but they're bulking up in the stem and leaf departments.
And here's Sweeney enjoying another of his presents - some weirdness called gelli baff. Honestly turned the bath to jelly, even smelled like raspberry. Sweeney was soooo excited until he got into it, then he wouldn't sit down for anything. After a little persuasion, he found that having it poured down his back was quite acceptable. Strangely, his buttocks were bright red after he got out of the bath, even though he didn't, not once, not even close, sit down in it.

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Sweeney O'Neill, you are now four years old. You're tall and strong and brainy and kind of a nice young chap. I think you're ace.
On my fourth birthday, I got wrapped up in the paper that came with flowers from my Nana, and I ran around the garden with my friends for what felt like hours. It was hot and still and glorious.
Yesterday, you chose your Crash Landing t-shirt and your Speed Racer sweatshirt to wear, because "they go fast". You and your friends had to stay inside during your party because it rained so hard and the wind was blowing like it was carrying ice throughout the city.
You had a really good time, but you told people it was a bad party because you think that's funny. I know you had a good time because you were smiling for hours.
The day was a bit of a blur, as it turned out. You woke up, asked me "Am I four, Mum??" for the fiftieth day straight, jumped on your bed and played with balloons for ages. Then off to the fire station to check out a fire engine and firemen with Kimberley and Harper. And an actual fire alarm, as it turned out.
The party was fun, there were lots of people crammed into our little house. Lucky we put lots of stuff in boxes and Grandad carted them to the shed, or we'd've had to stack people two-on-two on the chairs. People were generous and thoughtful, and just so fun.
But I lost sight of you as soon as the living room filled up with people, and I only have a vague idea of who's responsible for which present, and I couldn't get near the bench once the kitchen filled up with people, so I didn't get the fruit platter or Nana's scones onto the table, and I forgot about the cheerios completely. I snaffled Nana's camera and took some very bad photos of you cutting your Robot cake - thanks, Kimberley!! - and then I lost sight of you again while the party continued. And here's what you looked like when you were four DAYS old. This is us moments before we walked in the door to our house together for the first time. It's the same door that everyone came through to say Happy Birthday to you yesterday.
You are ace.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Fine Time

Okay, what have I been doing?? Oh, you know, the usual. Going to work, raising the young'un, doing some chores, watching Cranford some more, reading my book - also called Cranford, knitting my beret, taking my beret apart and knitting it up again ... stuff.
Sweeney's suddenly too tall for his jeeps pyjamas, which is going to kill him because they're his faves. His nana bought them for him last year and they're on high rotate all the time. Even over summer - lucky it was such a naff summer. I found a bag of size 4 clothes that were handed on to me for him last year. They're all colours I just don't think of when I'm thinking of him - sky blue, green - but I shall simply go for it and send him to preschool looking slightly differently gorgeous in sky blue and green. Turns out he really loves wearing green.
Other recent highlights include going to see this exhibition at the City Gallery on Monday. Sweeney's keen for his birthday party to be based around cardboard boxes (!?) so I thought he'd get a kick out of seeing an entire room-sized installation constructed from cardboard boxes. He loved it. He also enjoyed some actual paintings - John Pule - mostly because there were loads of little motorbikes and sharks within them, and big blotches of lovely colour.
And then we chased pigeons in Civic Square, working off two days of rainy day cabin fever. Ace chasing.
For more creative, interesting craft-type things to look at, check this out. Because I really meant for this to be a post all about what craft I've been up to, but it turns out I haven't been up to much. And I really mean more creative, not just more of them ...
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