Monday, 26 October 2009

All By My Shelf

I've been away. Not in the sense of leaving town - more that keeping us clothed and fed and where we're supposed to be at all times takes up all my brain and body at the minute. So, to celebrate being back in the world again, I've taken the plunge and today is Day Two of Sweeney's toilet training. Or more accurately, Day Two of having the Cleanest Floors in the World.
Turns out six pairs of undies and shorts won't see you through the first day-and-a-half of toilet training. He's pretty chuffed to be wearing undies, in any event. Kind of insulted at having to wear a nappy to bed last night.
We made elderflower cordial this morning. Geoff-next-door and I have entered into a challenge over our shared elder tree. He's going to do spectacular things with the berries, and I'm making magic with the flowers. Am really frustrated at how tall elder trees can grow, and how I'm comparatively stumpy.
Lastly, the Meet Me at Mikes thingy of the week is all about shelves. This is my favourite shelf of all the shelves I have. It's the shelf over the sinkbench, made from a dismantled rimu bed we had many years ago. It's a bit of a litmus test for our household - some days our toothbrushes are tossed there on our way out the door, I have a bowl of earrings and rings there, because I usually forget all that stuff if it's not there in front of me. As I do the dishes in the morning, I look idly at the books and think about whether I'll use one for dinner that night. People sit on the stairs by the bananas and chat to me while I do stuff. Fruit is kept here, so that Sweeney can get to it for himself. Coffee is kept here, so that I can get to it for myself. Joe's painting hangs where we see it many times every day. In the background, at the top of the stairs, is the lovely pic of Sweeney and Granny that we see many times every day.
It's my favourite part of the house. When we were working out how to renovate the dark, grotty slum that this used to be, we wante to be in the kitchen, and look out into the garden and see our kids play - that was the brief. I like it, I do.

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Chris Tea said...

I love your stairs! I can see why people sit on them and chat. Very lovely, really.

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