Sunday, 27 June 2010


Sweeney O'Neill, you are now four years old. You're tall and strong and brainy and kind of a nice young chap. I think you're ace.
On my fourth birthday, I got wrapped up in the paper that came with flowers from my Nana, and I ran around the garden with my friends for what felt like hours. It was hot and still and glorious.
Yesterday, you chose your Crash Landing t-shirt and your Speed Racer sweatshirt to wear, because "they go fast". You and your friends had to stay inside during your party because it rained so hard and the wind was blowing like it was carrying ice throughout the city.
You had a really good time, but you told people it was a bad party because you think that's funny. I know you had a good time because you were smiling for hours.
The day was a bit of a blur, as it turned out. You woke up, asked me "Am I four, Mum??" for the fiftieth day straight, jumped on your bed and played with balloons for ages. Then off to the fire station to check out a fire engine and firemen with Kimberley and Harper. And an actual fire alarm, as it turned out.
The party was fun, there were lots of people crammed into our little house. Lucky we put lots of stuff in boxes and Grandad carted them to the shed, or we'd've had to stack people two-on-two on the chairs. People were generous and thoughtful, and just so fun.
But I lost sight of you as soon as the living room filled up with people, and I only have a vague idea of who's responsible for which present, and I couldn't get near the bench once the kitchen filled up with people, so I didn't get the fruit platter or Nana's scones onto the table, and I forgot about the cheerios completely. I snaffled Nana's camera and took some very bad photos of you cutting your Robot cake - thanks, Kimberley!! - and then I lost sight of you again while the party continued. And here's what you looked like when you were four DAYS old. This is us moments before we walked in the door to our house together for the first time. It's the same door that everyone came through to say Happy Birthday to you yesterday.
You are ace.


Kimberley said...

tissues please

Catherine and clan (aka catnz) said...

Ange, what a nice way to keep those memories of a great day. Hope you survived and welcome to world of Lego - it has invaded and taken over certain rooms in our house - it's all about containment!! The tubs still don't catch it all!!

Sweeney - hope you had a great day that you'll talk about in the years to come. Photo please of the robot cake.

Love Catherine and clan in cold Dunedin

little grubs said...

Belated birthday wishes to Sweeney! Parties do tend to be a bit of a blur for those organising them don't they? Glad your little man had a good one. x

SewSofie said...

Happy birthday you big (little) man.

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