Monday, 29 November 2010

Whale Song

Have you read Moby Dick?? It's on my list. Partly because I'm trying to pack in as much boys' own literature so as to be a good example to Sweeney, partly because I love the John Huston version with Gregory Peck as Ahab, but most recently because I stumbled across this blog tonight. What a fantabulous idea.
First day back at work was a bit of a schemozzle, but we're all still alive and I even got to my favourite yoga class for the first time in a month.
Home in time to put Sweeney to bed and have a chat about his first day back at preschool. Apparently he did nothing, played with no-one, went nowhere. Seems his ears are mysteriously full of sand from sitting still and being quiet all day ...


Jill said...

Hahaha, the same thing happens to me when I sit still too long!

Leonie said...

Boys...they're always up for a chat!!!

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