Saturday, 22 January 2011

Corn With the Wind

I'm an inconsistent gardener, to be sure. But growing broad beans and finding that they actually don't make me gag blew me away and inspired me to continue my half-arsed efforts in the soil. A few evenings ago, Sweeney helped me to plant some corn seedlings for a late harvest. I read my Yates Garden Guide and it told me that corn and beans do really well together, so I planted them in amongst some butter beans Dad planted a few weeks back. And there are actual beans on the bean plants.
Only problem is, I'm pretty sure that butter beans will make me gag. Totally.
The wind over last weekend was dramatic and threatened the two major events on our calendar. First up was Regan and Susan's wedding. After a white-knuckle ride through Ohariu Valley - it was like an episode of Wacky Races, I swear all the road signs were 45degrees out - we arrived at the gig 10 minutes late, and entered through the most indiscreet door in the whole place. Susan looked beautiful,  Regan was handsome, the ceremony was lovely, the company was fine, the dinner was delicious. The wind blew us around something chronic, but the sun was out and it was really a beautiful day.
The following day, we went to Wadestown for the next-day-after-the-wedding barbecue.
Check out these fine characters. These are Sweeney's cousins from Dunedin - a finer quartet you couldn't hope to meet. Let's see more of you jokers soon, please ...
And here's a snap of the bride and groom, for good measure. Let's see you jokers soon, too ...

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