Thursday, 8 May 2008

Ange and the Sween-stalk

One good thing about the new regime, with Sweeney in Christchurch and me in Wellington, is that every second Thursday feels like Christmas Eve used to feel when I was a kid. Except now I'm totally sure there'll be no drawer liners or a set of embroidered, scratchy hankies.

He's coming up with Mum and Dad for the weekend, arriving tomorrow. I've been getting more and more excited all day, hopefully won't drive my poor workmates mad tomorrow.


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Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Hey Ange,

Excuse the cyber stalking.

Sorry to hear about the bad stuff... good to hear about the good stuff... and rock on when you get to hang with the Sweeney kid. Hope it all works out soon so you can have the little man back in your life. Though then you get to enjoy the perks of a being working mum... errr or lack of perks.

Anyway, much love from a cyber stalker. Let me know if ya need anything - I'm well versed at the single mum thang and I'm sorta getting the hang of the full-time working mama thing.


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