Thursday, 25 February 2010

Just Say Yes

Today's Philip's birthday. He's one of Sweeney's Dunedin cousins. An ace fellow. Sweeney really likes his Dunedin cousins. I think I mentioned the birthday once to him this morning, and tonight he renamed both of his Poohs - they're now both called Philip - and had a little party with them before he settled in for sleep.
Happy birthday, Philip!! From Sweeney and the Philips!!!
In other news, my regime of eating right that I've kept to for the last two weeks with no slips has left me with the biggest tummy I've had since I was pregnant. And I feel shorter. Whatever it is, I'm having a fat day.
I'm making a rib jersey for Girlie's baby. Neglecting a few chores around the house to make the rib jersey for Girlie's baby, actually. Really enjoying hanging out with her all day at work. Lots of nice reminders about the excitement of being 30 weeks pregnant.
And I think we're looking at a Grow Situation with Sweeney. Tonight he ate steak, two enormous chopped carrots and half an orange pepper. Then three bowls of yoghurt, a banana, and a pear. THEN half a can of beetroot, a marmite sandwich and a glass of soy milk. He calls it sorry milk. It's his new favourite thing. I'm kind of keen on how good the special on it is at New World right now.
Then a complete meltdown on the deck, including giving me the bash a couple of times, followed by absolute refusal to sit in timeout. Somehow, wrestling him into his pyjamas calmed him down and we had the Philip party, a few Richard Scarry stories, and he crashed in record time.
Oh good. Time to finish off the back of Girlie's baby's jersey.


Chavah said...

Aww cute, renaming both pooh bears to Phillip hehe. Hi! from a fellow kiwi mum :)

Philip(from Catherine and clan) said...

Thanks Sweeney and Ange. I'm very honoured to be two Pooh bears at once. Had a great birthday and thanks for the text. Philip

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