Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Not the Girl You Think You Are

Hi, I'm Ange 2010. I have insurance, a will and have organised guardianship for Sweeney in case I'm caught in a tornado. I am so upright and sensible. My car has a current warrant, registration and five near-new tyres. My toilet is clean. I recycle and compost. My socks and undies are clean and organised and put away properly.
I read at night before I go to sleep. I get to work on time. I don't sass my boss. Well, not bad sass, anyway. I park considerately. I rarely sleep past 8am.
Ange 1990 would hardly recognise Ange 2010. And that's not even with the bairn ...
Actually Ange 2000 would have a hard time with it. These things are natural and easy for just about everyone I know, but not for me. Not ever. That sensibleness thing just never was my bag. Even now, I have to ask myself "what would KimberleyLeeRuthLiisaHelenanyoneelse" do?
Oooh, I do like that bairn. I hate the walk to preschool in the morning. It's fraught with standoffs, anguish etc, and when we get there, Sweeney zooms off to be absorbed in whatever Blessing's got going. Sheesh
Walking home is a whole other matter. Tonight we discovered ice blocks at the Asian Grocery on Cambridge Terrace, as an aside to picking up our weekly ration of vege dumplings. Who knows what's in them? The ice blocks, I mean. They have a picture of a shark on the wrapper, and are shaped a little like Jaws.
And who knew that Women's Ice Hockey was an Olympic sport? Well, it is. And it kept me in the kitchen at work for far longer than was really sensible today. I love the power of the Olympics. They get people with no interest in sport, like my mum and me, all caught up in how the weightlifting's going, or how Mahe Drysdale's tummy's feeling on race day. Now admittedly, I enjoyed the Men's Cross-Country Ski Relay for quite unsporting reasons today, but I still enjoyed it ...
I think I need a bigger boat ...

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Susan L (lily40au) said...

awwwww .... you're so crazy (as my 21 yo dd would say). and there's the point really ... myself in 1980 wouldn't recognise me in 2010 and I promised myself I wouldn't go there. Who knew?

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