Thursday, 8 July 2010

Rainbow Connection

There was a rainbow as we walked home tonight, but Sweeney wasn't impressed. Rainbows in real life aren't nearly so awesome as in books, or even in drawings young chaps make at preschool nowadays. Sadly, Nature doesn't use felt tips.
I don't care. I love rainbows.
I also love orange and brown together. Jaffas are orange and brown. They really are the chocolate-orange mouthful. Jaffa flavouring is orange and chocolate combined. They are excellent flavours individually, and sublime when integrated. When I was 16 and in hospital having my appendix out, there was a chap in the ward next door who had a brown dressing gown with big orange spots. I loved that dressing gown.
So here's my latest work in progress. It's the same kimono pattern as I've made previously - it just doesn't fail, ever - and I'm kind of pleased at getting the hang of stripes - I'm very much a one-colour kind of gal, but trying TRYING to be more interesting in the stuff what I make.
In other news, Sweeney completely blew me away tonight. He's crazy for The Snail and the Whale at the moment, so I read it at least once every night these days. I get him to finish off some of the lines because they're such lovely rhymes, and I love how he says "whayal" and "snayal".
Well, it turns out that he can recite the whole story - well, he needed a bit of prompting towards the end - but he can totally do most of it without any nudging. And he's been dancing. Dancing. DANCING. He never dances. Or sings. Banging out Incy Wincy Spider is actual singing, right?? This week he's been doing it all.
It's Thursday, so check out hot creatives at Kootoyoo. People whose cameras don't everything fuzzy, by the way ...

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Jill said...

The Cat in the Hat is what I had to read every night - I might be able to still recite it if I tried. Dancing is good!

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