Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I Made This ...

Here's a little kimono I finished sewing up the other night. There are a couple of candidates for this, but I haven't decided who it's going to just yet.
There's a swag of other nifty stuff people have made over here, if you like.
When Sweeney was teensy, I made him a lovely little garter stitch jacket in this wool. I loved that jacket, and the matching hat. Strangely, the hat was enormous and still fits him, but the jacket was handed off to Harper ages ago. It looks glorious on Harper, too.
I'm knitting up a storm, still. Had lunch with a friend today who asked me if I was still into making food, and I realise I've kind of ... neglected the food side of things around here. Really want to put that right ... I bought a copy of the new revision of Aunt Daisy more than a month ago, and I've not made a single thing from it yet.
In other news, it's stopped raining so heavily, I guess to make room for the big kickass southerly that's due in about ten minutes. Sweeney's gumboots are getting a little snug on him, but they're getting a tremendous workout these days.
And Mum, don't be shy about cranking that electric blanket up ...


SewSofie said...

I love that kimono jumper. Looks lovely and warm and just looking at the colours make me fill alittle less chilly.
Its freezing in Melbourne too. Cold weather and kids just dont go!

Craig said...
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little grubs said...

The kimono is amazing - I'm very envious of knitters! Hope that you're all snug and warm inside when that southerly hits. When we lived in Wellington I cycled to work one day from Houghton Bay - the morning was glorious and I wondered why I didn't do this every day. I cycled home directly into a southerly - going around the bays it was so strong that I physically couldn't bike between Lyall and Houghton and so ended up pushing my bike up Hungerford Road. Needless to say I didn't cycle to work again! x

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