Tuesday, 3 August 2010

There's a Mouse in the Kitchen

Our new flatmate, Maose, died a hopefully-not-too-heinous death in the cupboard under the sink. I've been sinking under the weight of that mouse for too long now.
I took a naive approach to start with, thought I'd be reasonable and just remove any chance of him having a nibble, and cleaning everywhere I'd seen that he'd been, with strong-smelling cleaning products. But it just forced him out onto the bench when he thought I'd gone to bed, and I'd hear him trying to penetrate the packet of rice crackers. So Dad got a trap, and smeared it with peanut butter and popped an almond on top. Yes, I researched bait a little bit.
It totally worked.
And the following night, it worked again.
I'm a little frightened that there's a whole community in there, and there'll be new little mice to trap every night, and they'll get progressively smaller and more adorable.
In other news, Sweeney's busting through the left knees of all his trousers, and his uncle Dom turned 40 on the weekend. There was much revelry. At Dom's birthday, not Sweeney's breezy knees. Happy birthday, Dom!!


SewSofie said...

Ekkk! We had a mouse problem at the old house. They eventually did disappear. They like the warm of the house when its cold outside. I hope there arent too many more little surprises under the sink.

Cadi said...

Reminds me of when we were trying to catch a mouse 'cause we thought we heard one... http://maehegirl.blogspot.com/2009/04/mouse-love.html

little grubs said...

We've caught a couple too recently - one was so brave he was roaming around before we even went to bed - needless to say we heard the SNAP on that one! x

Jill said...

Hey! I'm glad you posted, but sorry about the mouse thing. We always get a couple of mice in the Autumn, they come in to get warm. We have to ask them to leave, though. I know they think I'm rude. Why is Sweeney wearing out only the left knee?

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