Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Good lord, I so often forget just how completely ace David Bowie was. I'm sure he's still ace, but I'm not bothered so much now. But I can't go past a good bit of Bowie / Eno / Visconti.
Peter Gabriel, too. I just watched videos of Heroes and Sledgehammer, is why I'm thinking of this.
In other news, I've been rearranging my bedroom. I read an article recently about the psychological harm it can cause children to grow up with hoarders and/or slobs, and as I watched Sweeney perch himself atop a teetering pile of (folded and clean - I'm not an animal) clothes on my bed to show me his new favourite book tonight, I decided that something had to give. Also, the fact that it's become a severe hassle to get to the other side of the bed to turn the lamp off in the morning because of all the crap I've just flung about the place. And I've been wanting to rearrange things in there for ages.
So I've done it, and it looks better. Threw out a bunch of clothes and other stuff I don't need, found my jandals, finally stowed Sweeney's artwork in a sensible, non-teetery fashion.
Which is not to say that there's not still a certain teeteriness to the atmosphere in there. Anything else would be unnatural ...

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Amy Seven-Stitches said...


You must check out "Scratch My Back" the album of covers by Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel singing Heroes - very cool (and doubly Peter and David awesome). Of course there is also "The Book of Love" (my whole reason for getting the album).

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