Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sometimes It Rains In April

See ya, April!! You were a pretty good month, not that I can remember terribly much in detail about you. Highlights include, but are not limited to:
  • kicked off the month with a fab weekend with ladies;
  • finished the month with two of those ladies, another one of my fave ladies, and their fine families;
  • saw Sweeney's grandad off for a sojourn in hippie paradise;
  • went to a party in an enormous, posh house in Khandallah. There was a pool table that kept Sweeney enthralled, and a table straining under the weight of its delicious drinks that kept me enthralled. And of course, the company ...;
  • got through Easter with only one truly horrific sugar frenzy. I blame Sweeney's Uncle Ben and Grandad O'Neill;
  • took a day off from the world;
  • Sweeney had two sleepovers at Harper's. I spent one of them watching Poirot and knitting. The other I spent oozing in and out of consciousness on the couch, notably missing both the Royal Wedding and the party I was supposed to be at to watch it. I blame the fully-enjoyable-but-fast-getting-out-of-control drinks frenzy I went to first;
  • encountered one of my more hilarious cousins and hung out with him and his ravishing wee girl. I particularly enjoyed how she got Sweeney's measure superfast - belting out his name whenever he removed himself from view, running everywhere with him;
  • turned out a bread and butter pudding in the slow cooker. I come from a bloodline of strenuously delicious bread and butter puddings. It was my first bread and butter pudding. Next time, I'll be sure to add some flavour;
  • watched (1) Exit Through the Gift Shop, (2) District 9 and (3) Baghead. (1) Loved it, (2) surprised myself by loving it, (3) surprised myself by hardly hating it at all;
  • spent not nearly enough time with pals, swam, went to the beach, ran and ran and ran, built lego, read stories, constructed a stunt car ramp out of toilet rolls;
  • made awesome dinners. Replaced some of them with baked beans, for my shorter, more philistine dinner companion's benefit; and
  • made some real inroads with my yoga and my running. Then went backwards for a bit. Am resolved to go forward some more ...


Jill said...

I loved Exit Through the Gift Shop, too. My son, Joel,, turned me on to him. Sounds like a jam packed April. On to May!

Miss Smith said...

You know, I didn't think I'd like District 9 either, but I liked it a whole lot. And also reaaaaallly liked Exit through the gift shop. Today me and my husband took the day off work and went to the movies during the day. It was like being students. We went to "Paul" and it was really puerile and silly so needless to say I thought it was hilarious. You'll be able to do stuff like that when school rolls around you know! (this comment is also in response to your most recent post).
Happy school days everyone!

Orr said...

Accidentally I fell into your blog, I could appreciate it.........
Congratulations you're a super good mom and an exquisite taste for life ...
Greetings from Lima, Peru


Anonymous said...

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