Sunday, 19 June 2011

C is for Cookie

Sweeney's packed in a swag of preschool-grade goofing off into his last weekend as a four-year-old:
  • ran and jumped and clambered with Bela;
  • played something noisy and shouty and very, very active with Aariz;
  • went to a climbing wall with Joe and Kimberley;
  • helped me make sourdough, and fish and leek pie;
  • took about three years to tidy his room. By which I mean, empty most of what was in his room into the hallway;
  • watched Sesame Street and loved it;
  • having watched Sesame Street, understood who Cookie Monster is and went nutty over a Cookie Monster storybook he's previously scorned;
  • insisted on having his Cookie Monster stories read to him over and over and over;
  • watched Ahhh!! Real Monsters and Angry Beavers, and clearly found them a big, fat yawn;
  • ate roti and butter chicken at Aariz's house, kind of sort of almost in the manner that Aariz and his family eat it; and
  • chatted, sang, danced, played the piano for a bit, made stuff up, did some drawing, co-operated, refused to co-operate, fed the cat, built things, hung up the towels.
You know, the usual ...

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Catherine and clan (aka catnz) said...

Just want to get an early birthday hello in to the birthday boy. Understand you have a friend's party today and family party tomorrow then school on Monday. Have a great weekend all of you. We are off to the mid-winter carnival this evening. Love The Tongs

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