Thursday, 13 October 2011

It's Oh So Quiet

Sweeney and I went to Christchurch on Saturday, to see his Nana. At his request, we spent a bit of Sunday at "the twisted bridge", that runs between Avonside Drive and River Road. For whatever reason, he really digs that bridge.
It was a lovely weekend. Apart from a terrible incident at the Northlands mall, involving a balloon animal in the shape of a motorbike, a rubbish bin and a boy with red hair, it was splendid. I came back to real life on Tuesday night. Sweeney's still there, hanging out for the rest of the holidays with his Nana.
And from the Department of Things You Never Thought Would Turn Up on This Particular Blog, what about that rugby, eh?? Piri Weepu winning the game against Argentina almost by himself?? Sonny Bill and his nifty offloads?? That try from Brad Thorn??
And can you believe that there are wikipedia entries for these chaps??
If New Zealand makes it to the final - and I'm sure they will - I'll take Sweeney to the Fanzone at Hagley Park to watch it with the rest of the population of the South Island. It'll be rowdy, for sure.
But in the meantime, this house is about 500% more tranquil than usual ...


Amy Seven-Stitches said...

Heh heh. The world cup has us all wrapped up - my 4 yr old, who never watches rugby, just knows it has something to do with a ball, was lamenting the loss of Dan Carter to her father. "Dad, did you hear about Dan Carter. He's injured ..."
Hagley Fan zone sounds like a brilliant place to watch the final.

high risk merchant accounts said...

Sounds fantastic. What a sweet day for the both of you.

rahim said...

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