Friday, 30 January 2009

Family Flowers

Sweeney's pretty confident with his snub-nosed scissors, and last night he got them out of the drawer and announced that he wanted to "do some cutting in the garden". So we went outside and he cut the heads off some marigolds, brought them to me to hold - "here you go, Mum".

Each one was for someone - Nana, Grandad, Grandad O'Neill, Kimberley, Harper, Joe, Dom, Emma, me, Dad-when-he's-back-for-a-visit.

Then he completely art directed this photo. Chose the teacup and the props, set the shot up, turned different lights on and off.
Of special note is inclusion of Noisy Car. That's a very important car.
So I had a little misty going on at how sweet and clever he was being. Got past that when he updended all his puzzles through the living room, cackling malevolently.

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