Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Ultimate Muffin is Out There

Today I made dairy-free banana muffins - actually vegan banana muffins - and they came out looking not too bad. Nigella has a terrific dairy-free banana muffin, with a couple of eggs thrown in, in Nigella Express, and that was the muffin of 2008. This is 2009 and I've got the time and interest right now to wade through the web to find the Ultimate Muffin.

Yesterday I made vegan chocolate muffins that I found via 20 Cent Mixture. Thanks Louise! I substituted stewed apple for most of the sugar, and can report that they were more than acceptable to both Sweeney and myself.

I'd show you a photo of how the muffins turned out, but they look kind of unprepossessing, and I don't like icing, so there's no prettying them up. I just ate one, and crikey, that's a sweet, sweet muffin. Sure to be a hit with the little chap. If I make these again, I'll definitely cut down on the sugar.

What is worthy of a photo today are the butterflies in the garden. There are three of them, they must've just emerged, what with the sitting really still and slowly beating their wings. They're yellow admirals, not terribly special or anything, but it's so nice to see them sitting on the bobbing flowers in the breeze.

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Louise said...

Thanks for the link to the muffin recipe! Please you liked the chocolate cupcakes one. Yours sound much healthier than the very sweet ones I made!

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