Friday, 5 June 2009

Oh, Wouldn't It Be Lovely??

We've been away, Sweeney and myself, for a lovely break in lovely Christchurch, spending time with lovely people and enjoying the lovely weather down there. Cold, yes, but sunny and no wind. Thanks Mum, for the fares and the cosy digs! Thanks Dad, for the car and the burgers!
Sweeney's been talking about burgers with Grandad and butterfly wings with Nana - so nice.
Amazed me how easy it is to forget how to make dinner when you've only had four days away. Felt quite perplexed at about 5pm, wondering what we did before. I'd emptied the fridge of all leftovers before we headed off, so it was even more like a crypt than usual, and my eyes kept wandering to the can of spaghetti in the pantry.
On another note entirely, I'm just in love with Meet Me At Mike's. I'm hoping she's just as self-censoring as the rest of us, and purposely not sharing unentertaining daily frustrations and catastrophes, but she writes a good blog and gives the impression of having energy coming out the wazoo. Just what I need. Her blog has something like a million followers.

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