Friday, 19 June 2009

Back on the Chain Gang

Yay!! My laptop has a new power supply, and I'm up and running again. Got to admit, without writing or surfing on my daily activity list, the dishes got done a whole lot more regularly this week. I don't think anyone noticed.
What happened while we were off the air:
  • Sweeney woke up one morning to find a mouse (dead) next to his bed, next to a leaf (also dead). We combined the two in a Death and the Maiden-type tableau. Sweeney really doesn't get death as a concept, I realise;
  • Sweeney took his toy Man to preschool as his treasure, and talked about it to his chums at mat time. Man doesn't run or fly, he jumps. I looked at him critically for the first time, to discover he's simply covered in guns and ammo. I thought he was a scuba diver, but no ... Sweeney doesn't get violence as a concept;
  • We had Delicious Dougal Dinner at the neighbours' house. Sweeney, Frank and Arthur hung out together in the nicest possible way;
  • We had Martin over for dinner. Great to see him and Sweeney hanging out together, even though Martin's obviously terribly ill and trying very hard. Sweeney doesn't get chronic illness as a concept, either;
  • We went to the M-Zs for dinner, which included the W-Ds and a couple of other lovely faces we haven't seen in a while. The other kids wanted to watch cartoons, but Sweeney wanted something more active - yay! - so he ended up playing cars with whichever adult would be lured to his car-orama he'd set up on the couch;
  • I walked to Kelburn and back via Aro St. Just as the southerly and accompanying rain hit Wellington. After three days of unforecast gorgeous weather, the Met Service scored a goal;
  • Sweeney helped me to clear every non-bedroom item out of my bedroom, and we spent Sunday having a picnic on the bed. Books, food, puzzles and Man. Lovely, sunny room; and
  • I won a contest on Agnes' blog. I've never won any of those things before - still more yay!! And check out her blog - it's magnifique.
I know we did other stuff, but it's disappeared from my memory or it was just dull or it's entirely unsuitable viewing. Nice to be back.

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Catherine and co. said...

Hi Angela and Sweeney, just wanted to let you know that we missed you. Life here in Dunners is extremely busy and oh so cold. Kids had day off school Tuesday with all the snow. watch out for a parcel coming your way Sweeney!! Looking forward to hearing about the big day this week. Catherine and co in Dunedin

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