Wednesday, 30 September 2009

All About Myself

Watching :: Anything I can find with Sam Rockwell in it. Or whatever Sweeney's watching on Playhouse Disney. Or literally, right now I'm watching the cat eating a wee teeny mouse she brought in.
Reading :: Jane Eyre, even though I've read it before and I know how it ends, but I still want to see how it ends ...
Making :: Finished Harper's hat, now using the last ball of some wool that made the best cardi ever for Sweeney, and now Harper, to make a cardi for my old doll, Amanda. Really. I realised the other day that she hasn't had pants on for at least twenty years, and I feel I must address it, so some trousers are next.
Eating :: Pumpkin baked in olive oil, with oregano, corn, garlic and peas, and a glass of Coke Zero.
Feeling :: Chilly! But also grateful that no tsunamis flattened Sweeney's preschool today.
Thinking :: I really should check that my insurance is up to the job for when something flattens our house. Or me. Also that I should revisit our emergency preparedness preparations.
Hoping :: The sunshine from last week comes back.
Wondering :: If I'm getting Sweeney's cold. And Harper's cold.
Hearing :: Birds in the garden, and graders in the building site at the end of the street. And the cat eating the mouse ...
Liking :: Lots of things. I don't know, just finding smiling easy at the moment. Sweeney and Harper make me laugh out loud a whole lot these days.
Wanting :: A lottery win and someone to cook dinner tonight.
Playing :: cars games with Sweeney, reading blogs and spending more time on Facebook than is required.
Wishing :: That I had the $$ and the skills to reline my bedroom. Maybe I'll redirect my thoughts and crochet this instead, to chirp up the room.
Enjoying :: Not feeling knackered all the time, not having the budgies from Sweeney's preschool in the house anymore, hanging out a bit longer than usual when I pick Sweeney up, getting to know his friends and their parents.
Coveting :: Other people's beautifully lined bedrooms.

I got the list from Meet Me at Mike's, which also has an expose of Jacqui's lovely, useful blog, Hazelnuts. She's devised a pattern for a toilet training mattress protector that I'm hoping will be required for Sweeney's bed at some point in the next ten years.

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Jacqui said...

Well I don't know about an expose because although I let slip that bit about Sean Bean I still have plenty of secrets and skeletons in my closet. Only just though, Pip's interrogation techniques are just brutal. Brutal.

The things we do to be free of the nappies though eh? At the moment I'm giving Hazel horsie rides to her bed from the toilet if she does a pee before sleep. My knees will never be the same.

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