Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Back on the Block

I've hardly had an original thought over the last few days, so here's a list of things I've seen, read and done that might be of interest ...
  • watched the documentary Sicko. I'm no fan of Michael Moore - I agree with him, sure, but I think his arguments are kind of sloppy - but the reality of people actually dying because of constraints enforced by an insurance company, of all things, is beyond reason;
  • read through the info re health insurance that arrived today. Coincidence, no??;
  • took Sweeney, Harper and Bela for a runaround in the Hanson St playground - wicked;
  • took Sweeney to Dr Jan for a check on his sore ears. Confirmed that they are indeed sore, but not infected;
  • took Kimberley for a visit to Dr After Hours for a check on her sore ears. Sweeney came with us, and it seemed that Kimberley got bumped up the list as he got noisier and more ready for a snooze. Magic use of rapidly unravelling child for queue jumping;
  • started rereading Jane Eyre for book club. Never get tired of it;
  • piled my way through a bag of koulourakia, given to me - well, us, really - by a nice woman I took curtains down for. Yes, I ate them all, on my own, watching Mitchell and Webb;
  • proclaimed myself a fan of Mitchell and Webb. Hilarious. Watched an episode tonight and giggled a lot to myself; and
  • found a place to offload a swag of buttons I've been stashing for aaaages. Check out the Moriah School's holocaust project.
Note the complete absence of items relating to interesting food, completion of craft projects, attention to household chores or an inspiring story relating to planting summer vege.

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