Thursday, 21 October 2010

All Right Now

Yes, it's been a little while. Sorry about that. I've had a viral respiratory infection, followed by a bacterial chest infection, and frankly, it's knocked me right off my perch. Off my perch.
But now I'm nearly back to normal, apart from three or four tubercular-sounding coughing fits a day.
In no order of importance, here are a few snippets from the last two weeks:
  • Sweeney fell over and banged his cheek on the step one night. It swelled up and looked nasty, but after half an hour with a cold cloth and a cuddle, it all came right. In the morning I asked him how his face felt, and he said "dirty";
  • I haven't been to yoga for two weeks. Every time I do a downward dog, I nearly pass out with oxygen deprivation;
  • we moved offices. Now I work in the swankiest, most expensive office space in Wellington. We have all brand new cups and glasses and cutlery. The lights dim when the natural light increases, and vice versa. The lift has no buttons. Yes, really;
  • I have an exam on Tuesday. I really don't feel like studying, and being sick took two weeks off my schedule;
  • tickets are booked for me, Sweeney and Harper to head to Christchurch and beyond in November; and
  • Dad made macaroni cheese last night for dinner. Awesome;
  • the first blooms have come out on the Dublin Bay at the front of the house. Just beautiful;
  • Mum continues to live through ongoing aftershocks in Christchurch;
  • Sweeney, Harper and I went to Bela's fifth - FIFTH - birthday party, just as The Illness was coming on. I was a sub-optimal guest - no wrapping on the present, no revving the kids up, no glugging back litres of fizzy wine - but the boys had a really good time. Harper was excited the night before about cake, and Sweeney just loves Bela's dolls' house.

Writing that was exhausting. Zzzzzzzz.


SewSofie said...

Boo to the horrid sounding chest infection. I too am struggling with an illness thats sapping the life out of me. I hope you are feeling better very very soon. How exactly do you choose a floor in your lifts with no buttons?

Leonie said...

Hope you get better soon. Being sick is just so tiring.

Mrs. B said...

I hope you are up and running again! Quit that dang coughing! Hey, wanted you to know I'm back blogging, light blogging that is, mostly just art/craft/thrift subject matter, but up all the less and I'll be a reg. visitor here again -Christy

miss~nance said...

I'm a fellow blogtoberfest participant and first timer to your blog. Still trying to get to all of the blogs. Great way to find new blogs. Would love you to visit mine

I have giveaway up - comment on any post- the more posts you comment on the more entries you get.



Jill said...

I hope you feel better soon.

lovestitches said...

Those are some nasty sounding medical terms, I hope it didn't last too long. I am dying to know more about a buttonless lift.

makeitgiveit said...

LOve that yoga comment I wouldn't even try cos I'd never make it back up!

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