Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Yo Ho Ho

This just in* from Sweeney:
- can we read the book about pirates, Mum??
- sure, where is it??
- got it, now I want to see the pirates in timeout.
- ???
- [feverishly turning pages] here they are!! Pirates in timeout, Mum!!
- ohhhhh. They're in prison. I guess that's like a timeout. Only it goes on for aaaages.

In other news, the broad beans have developed actual bean pods and the broccoli has started forming heads. In the garden. My splendid, splendid vege garden.

* at bedtime tonight


Leonie said...

That is gorgeous! From the mouths of babes :-)

Lauren said...

that made me smile! you're blog banner is really lovely by the way! it was lovely to stumble across your blog during blogtoberfest!

Radiant_Being said...

i randomly happened upon your blog and i have to say, i love your picture of the ladybugs! I will come back frequently.

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