Monday, 4 October 2010

The (Food) Chain of Love

This just in* from Sweeney:
- What do elephants eat, Mum?? Do they eat peanuts??
- Sure they do. They eat other stuff, too ...
[Not actually interested in that]
- What do leopards eat, Mum??
- Umm, they eat meat.
- Do they eat giraffes??
- Yeah, I guess, if a leopard caught a small giraffe, it'd eat it.
- No, Mum, the giraffe GIVES the leopard the meat.
- Youwhatnow??
- The giraffe gets the meat from the tree. Out of the nuts. The beaver gets the meat out of the nuts and gives it to the giraffe and the giraffe gives it to the leopard.
- Uhhh, wha??
- Yes, the giraffe gets the beavernutmeat for the leopard.
- Okay. Snuggle down now ...

Note to self - will leave explaining omnivorism or carnivorism, to the professionals. In this case, any professional other than myself.** Because ...

I think I was about his age when the connection between the lambs in the truck, my toy Lamb Chop, and my dinner was made apparent to me. I was aghast for a bit. I still feel a little pang when I see Lamb Chop in Sweeney's room.
*3.5 hours ago, at bedtime.
** Never fear, I'll explain to him that beavers don't live in trees OR Africa. I expect he'll be aghast.


Kimberley said...

What? You mean the giraffe doesn't give the meat to the leopard? So where does the meat come from?
And there's a connection between Lamb Chop and my dinner? Youwhatnow?

LaĆ­s Lobo said...

This is a kind of complex affirmation but, I'd only like to say that I like so much the way you write!

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