Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Going to the Zoo

Sweeney and I went to the zoo. The otters were a no-show, the penguin looked miserable. One of the giraffes did a giant wee in front of us and that made Sweeney's day.
A giraffe, a minute after weeing ...
The wild dogs were in the Nest having their ears flushed, so not prowling-prowling-prowling like they usually do.

A tiger, typically asleep

The gibbons were great, but about a million other people thought so too, so we carried on to places less crowded. Tigers sleep for 19 hours a day. I truly think that tigers' hours of wakefulness are between midnight and 4am, so that no-one ever sees the tigers at the zoo actually doing anything.

A lioness, noticing the juicy morsel Sweenus Ridiculous
The lions were fed while we were there, and that was awesome. The kids all squeezed in around the plexiglass and the lionesses fought, ripped food apart and ate just inches away from them. Two of them fought over a pretty tatty-looking dead rabbit for a bit - lots of rrrroaaarrr and massive paws and teeth. The kids loved it.

A less exotic kind of chap, to be sure 
It started to rain as we came out, so we headed home for lunch. The rain was so heavy by the time we got home, we stayed in the car and played with the Magnadoodle until it eased off enough to run to the house.
It's a sheep,  innit??
Top outing ...

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