Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Taking the Rest of the Day Off

Sweeney and I cut school and work today - a mixture of horrendous cough-sounds, torrential rain, freaky coldness and the delightful prospect of a day spent just cruising at home all combined to make that decision this morning.
  • We made biscuits. They were delicious;
  • We discussed what each half of an oval is called when you cut an oval in half;
  • Sweeney learnt a tough lesson about what happens when you play with the pliers, even after you've been told to leave them alone, and you trap a bit of your palm in them when you close them;
  • I made some pita bread for our lunch, and Kitchen's pork noodle soup for our dinner;
  • We watched G Force. I learnt a tough lesson about pre-judging films about guinea pigs saving the world;
  • Sweeney played with his new favourite Hot Wheel for what seemed like hours. I bought it for him last night to celebrate his fabulous helpfulness and co-operativeness of the last few days;
  • We discussed Batman's awesome powers vs Superman's awesome powers. It all leads me to think that Sweeney really doesn't know anything about Superman's awesome powers and I must remedy that immediately;
  • I safety pinned a tea towel around his neck, and he ran the length of the house and back several times shouting "Batman!!";
  • We read the next chapter of Winnie the Pooh - the one about the Woozle. We've been reading a chapter a night this week;
  • I read some of my book and watched an episode of Marple while Sweeney stared out the window at the rain. He insisted he wasn't sleepy, despite lying on the sunroom couch under a blanket without moving for ninety minutes;
  • We discussed how handy your fingers come in when you want to add four and five; and
  • KimberleyJoeHarper came for dinner. We ate pork noodle soup. It was pretty tasty.
Best day off ever.


SewSofie said...

That sounds like an awesome day.. well except for the horrendous cough bit. Hope you're both better soon.

Catherine and clan (aka catnz) said...

Love the new car Sweeney - what colour is it? Think we might have to try the recipe too - got some bananas that need to be used and these sound delish! C

Catherine and clan (aka catnz) said...

Forgot to let you know of William's class blog complete with a couple of typical William photos.

Jill said...

You are SO funny!

lovestitches said...

Haha little boys and capes. Towels, fabric pieces, they all flap nicely :-)

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