Saturday, 13 March 2010

La La Love You

This just in ... The Pixies gig in Auckland last night was just the best, best thing ever. I still can't quite hear properly, my face is still sore from grinning the entire time they were playing, and I can't confidently leave behind the feeling that my chest is about to explode.
Our journey began with a descent into hell, courtesy of Jetstar. No cheap fare is worth this happening to your loved ones:
Yes, Jetstar - you suck. I'm never, ever travelling with you again.
But things got better, and after what felt like three years, Sweeney and I arrived at Simon and Anna's house. He was asleep in the car when we got there, and stayed that way until 9am the next day.
This is where we spent most of yesterday:

Simon and Anna's house was a lovely place to while away some holiday time. Had a million things I wanted to do, and just flagged it in favour of lying about with Sweeney. Lots of chats, some stories, a complicated game involving cars, tigers and a parrot. Bliss.
Then off to Ginny and Daniel's to drop Sweeney off for his sleepover with Riley and Archie, and into town to the gig.
The gig. Words fail me. I got into the stadium about fifteen minutes before The Pixies took the stage. It was like being at a party twenty years ago, running into bunches of people I hadn't seen in ages. Then we were in The Presence, and it was fabulous. They played some B-sides that I didn't recognise, then Doolittle in its entirety. Then back for most of Surfer Rosa - my favourite -and Come On Pilgrim for the encore. The encore was played with the lights on, so the crowd could all see each other. Eerie. Great.
Read this review - it captures it pretty well from my pov, even though it's from the Powerstation gig, not the one I saw. They played the same setlist and it was indeed The Business. The stuff review was a bit rubbish - the writing, not the review itself - but don't get me started on the journalistic values on display on They're like the Jetstar of media.
Today was catching up with people from last night, playing in the park and walking along the beach at Pt Chevalier, and watching Sweeney and Simon bond over planes and ice blocks. More bliss.

Even flying back to Wellington on Jetstar at the end of the day couldn't ruin it.


Miss Smith said...

I am so jealous. My husband went to the Pixies on Friday night too and said all those good things, exactly all those good things, and also said it was like going to a party from 20 years ago, which is before I knew him, so all the names he rattled off meant very little to me. But it sure sounded like a fantastic time.

Kimberley said...

Goodness Ange, you shouldn't pick your nose in public and post pictures of it. What will Mum think?

Nikki said...

Nice try Kimberley.

Sounds faaaaabulous. I was meant to catch up with the millions of Wellingtonians that flocked up to the Land of Auck to see the Pixies but was uber slack (and a smidgeon hung over) so didn't manage it and am now kicking myself.

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