Monday, 29 March 2010

Top Five

Top Five things around here at the minute:
1. Top War Movie - isn't Where Eagles Dare just the most awesome war movie ever?? Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood together on screen, totally handsome, finest mahogany acting this side of the Black Forest. Richard Burton somehow passing himself off as a Nazi, even with his RADA-Pontrhydhyfen accent. And the fact that he's so obviously Richard Burton.
"One weekend Mayor Smith, Lieutenant Schaffer and a beautiful blonde named Mary decided to win World War II." Don't know about you, but my weekends rarely get that animated.
2. Top Cat - our cat Pippi's under enormous pressure from three neighbourhood cats. One used to live here, with us, up until more than five years ago, when we left for a few years, and he's been parking up on my bed in the afternoon the past few days. The other two just give her gyp by taking it in shifts to hang out on our deck all day long.
3. Top Roast - the chicken Kimberley turned out last night. It really was delish. Thanks, Kimp.
4. Top Sandwich - my dad's staying with us at the moment, and he made us bacon and egg sandwiches on Saturday night. Ooooh-errrrrr.
5. Top Outing - Sweeney and I spent a lovely few hours with our friends Lee and Louis and Alfie on Saturday. Louis showed Sweeney the best time at the Botanic Gardens park, Lee and I caught up on each other from a delightful perch in the shade, and Alfie lounged with us intermittently.
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