Monday, 22 March 2010

There Must Be an Ange

I had a morning of beauty on Saturday. The truly splendid outfit known as Hair by Ange has been running a special on getting things tended to, and I decided to go and, ahem, get some things tended to.

This may not be an accurate representation of how things turned out.

Anyhoo, felt a gazillion bucks when I came out. The haircut's great, the eyebrow tinting looks fab and non-caterpillary, the eyelash tinting didn't make me look like I'd been punched in the face, and the foils ... the foils!!
I didn't actually know what foils were, but now I'm a fan. A superfan. An obsessed, stalker-type fan.
In other news, nothing else matters, now that I've got foils.


Nikki said...

Need a pic please! Even if you have to pretend it's actually Kimberley. :P

Catherine and clan said...

Yes please Angela - we need a photo! Cath

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