Wednesday, 31 March 2010

When I'm Calling HuHuuuuuu ...

We've been reading up a storm today. Just since I got home at 6pm, Sweeney and I have got through We're Going on a Bear Hunt, the Golden Book of Firemen and Old HuHu a bunch of times.
It's a great book. Sweeney's Uncle Joe gave it to him. He's a really thoughtful chap, Uncle Joe. Old Hu Hu dies and little Hu Hu Tu struggles to make sense of it. He gets advice from his friends, which exposes him to a range of ideas about the afterlife. These make him sad, he grieves terribly at his loss, and he finally comes to see that his memory of Old Hu Hu is all that he needs to go on.
It's kind of refreshing how Sweeney mostly doesn't get it. For all that he talks about his dad a lot, he doesn't seem sad about it.
But, what do I know?? He's three, he's hardly able to articulate too much, and in any case, I try to follow a neither-encourage-nor-discourage approach to talking about heavy stuff. Things come up when they come up.
As Sweeney would say "reeeaaadddd ittttttt" ....

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