Saturday, 10 April 2010

Be My Friend

Here's a gratuitous picture of Harper, holding onto as many Easter eggs as he can, in the midst of the first Easter Egg hunt I've ever set up.
I researched hard, planned on laying out a trail of red ribbon or wool for the boys to follow, setting it all up so that the boys would be enticed to the next egg.
In the event, I put the eggs out in pretty obvious places and lurked near the boys as they careered aimlessly around the garden, shouting "hot!" or "warm!" or "get out of the vege garden!"
Smoooooooth ...
In other news, Sweeney got a gorgeous postcard from his friend Blessing today. Blessing and Sweeney are joined at the hip, Monday to Friday. Outside of that time, they make many of their decisions based on what they figure the other would do. They have long, complicated games that they play over days, involving dogs, cars, firemen, trains, tents, tigers. I love how race and difference really is just a fact to them, nothing more or less - not something to be judged or feared or disliked.
Although I found it weird that Sweeney insisted that the box of lemonade popsicles are for him, and the box of cola ones are for Blessing.
Anyhoo, he's amassed a little stack of nice things people have given him to say how much they like him being in their lives, and I realise I'm terribly offhand about it all. I'm terrible at sending thank you cards, slack about calling people, irregular at answering emails.
Sorry about that, people. You know who you are, and you mean lots.

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