Monday, 5 April 2010

Fab Five

Fave Five for this weeks are ...
1. Best parcel - Nana's parcel for her Precious Boys, crammed with chocolate treats, and best of all, a torch each!! Sweeney fell asleep last night with his torch still on, snuggled under his armpit. There was a sweet little glow when I went in to check on him before I turned in. Thanks, Nana!! ;
2. Best Dinner - from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's newish book, a chicken casserole. The recipe calls for cider, but I used fizzy wine and it turned out ... awesome. I'm totally in love with this book. Hugh is now the new Nigella in my life. Sorry, Nigella ... ;
3. Best Dinner Guests - Sweeney's Grandad O'Neill and Uncle Ben came over for dinner. We had chicken casserole - see above. Sweeney ate an outrageous amount of broccoli. That's how much he wanted to get to the chocolate payoff at the end of dinner, I guess. I so love Easter;
4. Best Park - Karori Park, at the end of Karori Road, in Karori. You want me to go into my theory of Parks and how they're pitched at different types and ages of kids and whatnot?? You do?? Really?? Well, that's a whole other post. Whatever age your child or dog is, or you are, you should check out Karori Park, at the end of Karori Road, in Karori;
5. Best Fence Removal - Joe, Dad, Denis, Geoff and apparently strangers passing in the street pitched in and removed the rotting fence that divides our property from Geoff's. Brushes with tetanus, spider attack and hernia explosion were narrowly avoided. Sweeney and Harper supervised.
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