Saturday, 24 April 2010

You Belong to Me

Here's how my special little guys spent a chunk of time today ...More work on the fence today - a few trips to get appropriate hardware, including the safety gear for the young 'uns, then Joe and Dad put the posts in. I did some pruning about the place, building up the pile for mulching next weekend. Fitted in a burst of scooter riding down the road, a round of cheese on toast for lunch, the ongoing quest for the perfect red smoothie - read, containing boysenberries - and even got the washing out.
I'm exhausted, going to watch Miss Marple on the telly. Hurrah!!

1 comment:

Miss Smith said...

This is a somewhat belated comment to say congratulions for using the term "girded my loins" a couple of posts back. That really made me laugh.
Well done on your DIY prowess re. the fence. I'm really impressed.

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