Thursday, 8 April 2010

My Creative Space

I'm calling it creative, but don't be fooled - I didn't think the patterns up myself, and it's mostly mechanical. But I'm a little light on interesting blog post ideas at the minute, so why not show you what I've been doing at night lately??
The entire universe knows I'm trying to get rid of stuff out of the house. This is how I'm getting rid of the stockpile of wool I've accrued over the years. One tiny garment at a time. It's kind of painstaking.
These are for Zac, who lives across the road and is just the right size for these things. He's six weeks old. His mum says he has very big feet, so I've made the boots a little bigger than normal newish-baby size.
In other news, Harper stayed over with us last night while his parents gallivanted elsewhere. He snuggled down into the inflatable Spongebob bed like he was born to it, and wasn't heard from again until an appropriate get-up time this morning. The bedroom was so toasty when I checked on them on my way to bed, what with two little bodies radiating all the heat that they do. And the cat was in there, too, to suck it all up, I guess.
Then he made my heart swell by eating about a kilo of yoghurt and banana in minutes flat, as opposed to Sweeney, who makes it his life's mission to drive me mad by dawdling over his tiny amount of breakfast every morning of my life.
Anyhoo, more creative Creative Spaces over here ...


Anna Bartlett said...

I've just found your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts! What a life you are having with your gorgeous Sweeney. I'm looking foward to following your journey!

Angela Noelle of Striking Keys said...

What a refreshing and delicious writing style you have! Encore! ;)

(found ya via KMB)

SewSofie said...

Hi Ange
Thanks for dropping by my humble blog. I love your writing style and your adventures in parenting. I too have a Sweeney aged girl child who keeps me on my toes!

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