Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Not Feeling Very Well

I was reading Miss Smith's blog the other day - and you should, too, because she's rather special and good - and her post was about her smaller poppet, who'd been in hospital with chicken pox complications. When I read it, I thought to myself "if only Sweeney would get chicken pox, and just get it over with".
Oh, and a whole bunch of get well wishes for the littl'un, Miss Smith. That goes without saying ...
But it is not to be. He's been in close quarters with kids who've caught it on two occasions this winter, but it's not taken hold of him.
What he has got, though, is a rattly, horrid cough for the last few weeks, and his eating's tailed right off and his ears feel like they're on fire, so he's been home with his Grandad this week. A visit to Dr Carla yesterday was remarkably helpful - it's a chest infection. He's all rumbly breathing.
Before we went to the doctor, whenever I asked him if/where he felt sore or uncomfortable, he said "my heart, Mum" and pointed to his appendix in a resolute fashion. Dr Carla confirmed that his heart and appendix are in fine form.
Long story short, he's still not eating at a four-year-old level, and there are big dips in his vim from time to time.
But he's stayed chirpy and consistently galooty as usual. And he loves his medicine and always hustles for an extra dose. The cough sounds less tubercular today.
In other news, lovely things have been happening. Arthur next door turned 3 - hurrah!! Sweeney's friend Jackson came for a play on Saturday. Sweeney went to Blessing's for a sleepover, then we had Blessing over for still more playing on Sunday. The weather here over the weekend was wicked. Our auntie Lesley came for dinner before heading back to Nimbin. Sweeney's cousin Victoria had a birthday, but Sweeney's mother forgot to even send a text. I hear she's a terrible person for remembering birthdays. So I'll finish with ...
Happy birthday, Victoria!!


Catherine and clan (aka catnz) said...

Hey Ange and Sweeney, sorry to hear you haven't been too well Mr Sweeney. Victoria and Philip both had days off school because they weren't well too.

I will let Victoria read this later but than you for the birthday wishes. She had a lovely birthday weekend with her friends party on Saturday and then family tea on Sunday - that means two birthday cakes!

Hope you feel better soon and that the medicine is doing the trick.


Miss Smith said...

For all that chicken pox was torture, I am really glad it's all over and done with for us now. That cold and chest infection sound like a rather nasty business all up, I hope he is feeling like his old self soon! And, I must add, I greatly like your use of the word "galooty".

Luvvie said...

What a beautiful blog!! Love your layout and photos...

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