Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Time in a Bottle

Of course everyone knows about the earthquake. It's all over the news here. My mum - Sweeney's Nana - is fine and the house is okay. Her neighbours are okay. Everyone I know there is okay.
Elsewhere, beautiful buildings and gorgeous roads are broken. I got all choked up watching a video of some demolition today. Part of Christchurch's appeal for me has been all the things that have stayed the same since ... forever.
So I've made a list of the bits that if I had my way, would stay in a little capsule for all time. Some are in bits now, I know, but whatever ...
  1. Avonside Drive. Fantastic stretch of road for riding your black, one-speed bike with a basket on the front;
  2. the Staff Club. Now a private, shattered home. I walked past it at least twice a day every day of my first year at varsity;
  3. 151 Fitzgerald Ave. Mum and Dad brought me here when I was brand spanking new. I don't remember living there, but I like that it's been there for me to drive past. It's one of the few places I lived in in Christchurch that hasn't been turned into a carpark or infill housing;
  4. Kosta's Souvlaki Bar. I've never liked any other souvlaki ever.
  5. the Museum. Still love that same street scene they've had since ... forever. And the mummy;
  6. the Botanic Gardens. The fountain. The cactus house. The beds of yarrow. The ancient trees. The duck pond;
  7. Dux De Lux. Last time I went there, the Sports channel was playing in one bar and there was a queue of teenagers to get in. But I remember long summer evenings in the courtyard, the crush on Saturday nights, the delicious cafe. And the first time I met Martin was at the Dux, after he and my boyfriend had got themselves into a horrible state and needed rescuing;
  8. the Gladstone. A great band on every Friday night, or a rubbish one that one of your friends played in. Rheineck-squelchy carpet. It got pulled down years ago;
  9. the beaches - Taylor's Mistake, Sumner and Brighton. Christchurch beaches are the awesomest beaches in the world;
  10. 377 Marine Parade. Best house I've ever lived in. Across the road from the beach. Crazy terraced garden. Fold-out table and chairs in the kitchen. I got my first bike the Christmas we lived there, and I spent most of the summer riding up and down the coastline.

Anyhoo, there is no time capsule, and a good part of my list is changed forever. But the main thing is that Mum's okay. Love you, Mum!! Love you, Nana!!


Jill said...

Oh wow! I didn't hear about an earthquake. I will look it up on the internet when I'm at school today. So sorry! Glad your Mum's ok.

Caterpillar Cupcakes said...

So glad all your loved ones are ok!

Jill said...

So, you and Sweeney were in the back of my mind all day - my blog acquaintances. I read an article on line about the earthquake when I got to school. It said there were buildings and roads destroyed, some injuries, but no loss of life. I hope that is true.

SewSofie said...

Glad you and yours are all ok.

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