Monday, 13 September 2010

That Day is Done

My horoscope today said a whole bunch of stuff about rubbing against the world instead of flowing along with it. It so turned out that way.
I felt a vague sense of annoyance at just about everyone I dealt with at work. Some people at work made me feel less vague about my annoyance, but there you go.
I found out the hard way that my bean sprouts last six days, but not seven. Yuk.
I went to the yoga class that I look forward to more than any other yoga class, and I was so out of sorts with it that I left and stood in the foyer for a few minutes just to make myself less out of sorts. Then I went back in and felt better.
It is the best yoga class ever. Really.
As I walked home I contemplated buying a KFC burger and scarfing it in the street. So glad I didn't.
Because dinner was delicious and Sweeney was chuffed to see me and I had a lovely shower and read him The Snail and the Whale and Dad brought out delicious pudding and now I'm watching a Poirot on telly.
In other news, Harper was at our place for a few days last week, while Kimberley spent some time in Christchurch with Mum. Okay, I know - they're little boys - and little boys like to pick their nose. But somehow two of them going at it got to me and I introduced a horror regime - timeout for anyone caught picking their nose.
It's turned out effective as all get-out, but the crowning moment was when they caught me - ME - idly wiggling a finger up my own nose, and they thought it was great gas to put me - ME - into timeout.
This is the view from timeout. Not so bad, is it?? I'm coming to think that timeout's rather lovely, after all.
The prospect of 44 minutes being left completely alone was quite appealing, but Sweeney told me I could come out after five minutes, because he and Harper needed juice.


Catherine and clan (aka catnz) said...

Ange, that is so funny. I've been caught out with the 'Do as I say not as I do' before. I sometimes send myself to time out but no one realises and they all just come and bug me anyway. Hope all is well, Catherine and clan

Kimberley said...

I'm feeling like that today.

Jill said...

The title of your post reminded me of a Paul McCartney song, now I gotta go find the song. Hope you have a great day!

The Dougal said...

Gorgeous! Not the nose-picking part though.
Hope your Mum's doing okay...
Cheers for grabbing the mail for us.
I'm dying to know more about the pudding... It must be the weather.

Miss Smith said...

Oh lordy, we have relentless nose picking around here. I'm trying to deal with it by telling them that some things are best done in private. So far, very little progress.

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