Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Why is that car red??
Why did Aariz's dad talk to us??
Why are you in the shower??
Why did that bus go past??
Why do I have to put my shoes on??
Why do those cars have their lights on??
Why, Mum??
Because. That's why ...



SewSofie said...

I know your pain! I get the Y's as well. Ofcourse If i ask her why she tells me 'just cause'! I guess we'll be missing it when they are teenagers and not talking to us at all.

speckled egg said...

Ah, I have a similar issue, only my child says "Huh?" CONSTANTLY! "Huh?" "Huh?" Kyan can you please get your shoes?" "Huh" "Look! A truck!" "Huh?" "Please stop saying Huh, Mummy's going insane!" "...Huh?".

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