Friday, 14 May 2010

Look Away Now

I had a tooth taken out on Monday, and it's forced me to spend most of the week looking like this. Not really, I was reading a different book until yesterday, and I've been drinking Coke Zero as well. But I've been wearing these pyjamas, and there is swelling ...

It's taken me by surprise, let me tell you. I've had all my wisdom teeth out and never before has there been anything to report afterwards. No swelling, no residual Panadol-resistant pain after the injections have worn off, nothing.
My face is still large, and I need to prepare mentally to eat anything, but I feel much better now, thanks. And I can actually smile again. Yesterday was the most feeble I've felt in a really long time.
Dad's been great, making cups of tea and rustling up victuals. Thanks, Dad!!
Although if you could stop that skillsaw noise from the neighbours, that'd put the top of my head back in place. More healing, I think ...


SewSofie said...

Oh yuk! I hope you're on the mend soon.
By the way, it took me alittle time to figure out the picture and when I did I couldnt stop giggling (because its a funny pic not because you feel like your head is a basketball).

Rhiannon said...

Hhaha I had to take a few glances at the picture to figure it out too! I hope your teeth, or lack thereof, are feeling better soon and your head returns to feeling like a regular head again : )

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