Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I Would Rather Go Blind

Here's what I've been doing with most of my evenings. My friend Girlie had her baby Gian Matthew - Gio to his new fans - last Saturday, and this is a bunch of stuff for the little guy. Will deliver these later in the week.It doesn't seem to matter how many of these things I push out into the world, there's still a ton of wool in this house. Anyhoo, Gio's going to look splendid. And be warm, which is pretty important, what with plummeting winter temperatures and all.
In other news, we had a Harper-tastic weekend, what with Harper being here for a sizeable chunk of it, then Sweeney hanging out at Monty Ave for another chunk of it. Loving Harper's chatting right now. Feel kind of sad that I can't remember what Sweeney sounded like at that age anymore.
While Sweeney was gadding about with KimberleyJoeHarper, Dad and I mulched garden stuff like no-one's ever mulched before. Hired a mulcher for it, and everything. Nothing was safe. Except for the bit of wood that the mulcher chipped for just long enough to make it all pointy and sharp, then fired back out of the input bit, missing my good eye by about 1mm. Thank all the gods I was wearing Harper's goggles.
Speaking of which, those goggles are a terrible hazard. They fog up almost the instant you put them on, so you find yourself holding them off your face as you peer into the bowels of the mulcher to see what's making that infernal noise.
And when you put them on top of your head to see your way into the house to get a drink, you catch sight of yourself looking like Professor von Drake. Actually, you catch sight of yourself after you've come back in from talking to people on the street in front of the house, who now give you a really wide berth, what with the business of you being the crazy dame covered in sawdust, with the goggles on top of your head.

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Amy Seven-Stitches said...

Now if there was goggles, sawdust AND a bloody patch of snow I would be crossing the street, but goggles and sawdust is cool. It just means you've been busy.

On the other hand.. did I tell you about the time I had to ask someone to leave site for turning up wiht his son's bob the builder hard hat instead of a real one?

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