Wednesday, 23 February 2011

House Quake

Usually, I'd be kind of chuffed that little old Christchurch had made it onto the front page of the New York Times. Not so much today.
I looked back at my post about the September earthquakes, and I'm ashamed at my glibness. Who gives a fig about buildings and nostalgia??
I just care that my mum's okay, and all our friends and whanau are okay. We're so lucky.
Read this.
When you get power back on, and you read this - stay safe, Mum!! Wish you were here!!


Jill said...

I am SO SO glad to hear that your mom is ok. I was so worried when I heard about the quake yesterday. I know it seems crazy since we really don't know each other, but I started praying for your mom and I had my friends, family and class pray for her safety, too. (They probably think I'm nuts for being so concerned about a blog "acquaintance"" but I truly was.) Thanks for posting or I'd still be worried!!
Your blog aquaintance friend-type person, Jill

Liou said...


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