Sunday, 20 February 2011

Hot 'n' Cold

  • Sweeney not having nearly enough sleep last night, refusing to eat his breakfast, not listening to what I say yada yada yada all day;
  • me not being in the mood for patience with any of that stuff today;
  • finding that Hataitai's fabulous fish and chip shop has burnt down;
  • finding that Newtown's fabulous fish and chip shop doesn't open on Sundays;
  • forgetting my gluten free-ness when Maria brought around her mum's apple slice at work the other day;
  • my dad breaking up a catfight in the sunroom and getting bitten and ending up in hospital for a night; and
  • finding that those packages of salad leaves don't actually last until the Best By date. Ick.

  • the weather. Just the right hotness for an Ange;
  • Supergroove and Crowded House at Alana Estate yesterday, with Bela and Liisa;
  • Liisa for spiriting up the tickets for Supergroove and Crowded House at Alana Estate yesterday;
  • Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, from Kitchen, using the mountain of garlic donated by the neighbours. Although no-one else liked it. So I ate everyone's;
  • harvesting three tomatoes from the garden this week;
  • Monday night class at yoga;
  • having dinner with the O'Neills for Grandad O'Neill's birthday;
  • seeing our friend Jackson at his birthday party today - Happy birthday, Jackson!!;
  • catching up with KimberleyJoeHarper after their holiday;
  • remembering my gluten free-ness every morning and eating rice porridge for breakfast; and
  • finally washing the kitchen floor today. The mice left me a note complaining that it was too filthy by half ...


Sandra - too heavy to stand on a soapbox, but undeterred said...

I was gloomy especially for you, as a lack of a good fish and chip shop is a deficit indeed. But then I got down to the second list and by the end it all seemed so wonderful! That chicken recipe sounds marvellous to me.

makeitgiveit said...

LOve that you ate everyone's chicken - I am SO with you on that. It's good to keep it balanced aye? Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments!

Jill said...

Hot - your funny blog.
Cold- no fish & chip shops in US.

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