Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Paris is Burning

Hey, I went to Laneway festival last night with Liisa. Great night. We had a few drinks, some halloumi salad, ran into people we knew about the place.
The music was just about all unfamiliar to me, but it was amazing. It was so unfamiliar to me that I thought that it was all New Zealand bands, but no, only Ladyhawke was from around here. I think I liked her the best of all. She might be wee, but she belts it out, for sure.
I was struck by how well-groomed and well-behaved the Youth were. There was a waft of soap smell when they walked past. Not like when I was Youth. Music venues were smoky and beer-sodden, people pushed and shoved, and I expect even I was a bit whiffy at times. The sound equipment was usually awful, and it all made going to bands an endurance event for me.
But not last night. Last night was all rather lovely.
I really don't know much about contemporary music these days, and I want to rectify that. I hear splendid music at my friends' houses and I must try harder this year.
That said, Gang of Four are coming to Auckland soon. I loved them when I was 18, they got me interested in economic theory and inspired me to sit down and read Karl Marx. Maybe time to hunt some down and listen to it all over again ...

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Tracy said...

Music from our time as being Youth as you call it is great for reminiscing but you are right, it is good to keep up with the times.

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