Wednesday, 9 February 2011

In Bloom

Look what I found this morning ...
This is my San Pedro. I dragged this cactus around with me in a pot when I was young and nomadic, and planted it for good when we bought this place aeons ago. It's really kind of huge now. A few weekends ago, to make space for more vege, I dug out the other two specimens I've been cultivating, as well as a related-but-not-nearly-so-awesome cactus, and took them to be rehoused at Grow From Here. One's gone to Kaye's house, one to an apartment on Webb St, and the not-so-awesome one is potted up and hanging out looking ornery at the shop. Happy.
And now, flowers. Aren't they beautiful?? And they even have a lovely, delicate fragrance. Not what you'd expect from this particular plant at all ... or at least, not what I was expecting. And they're extra, extra special because they bloom hardly ever.
But I'm all out of order with my news. Friday night saw KimberleyJoeHarper over for fish and chips, followed by cake. Delicious, delicious cake.
Here're Sweeney and Harper helping me to blow out the candles. Thanks, you jokers!!

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