Thursday, 12 February 2009

Big Strong Boy

I spent most of today dismantling Sweeney's cot, cleaning his room, rearranging his furniture and installing his first bed. Dad helped me at various points, else I'd probably be wedged in the hallway underneath a mattress right now.
As it is, I got to make up his bed with the Thomas the Tank Engine blanket he chose for himself yesterday, and that made me enormously cheerful. My resolution about keeping chirpy is relatively easy to keep, so far. This is how he looked tonight, just before we settled in for 101 Dalmations.
Now's as good a time as any to check in about the others:

  1. make keeping healthy a priority - I take my multivitamin, I drink my flaxseed oil, I eat my wholegrain toast. I'm terrified of getting collywobbles from bad mayo ever again, so food hygiene practices are hospital-worthy. Need to exercise more, something more than walking Sweeney to and from preschool each day. Can report that I've been migraine-free since before Christmas;
  2. make keeping chirpy a priority - like I say, it's been easier than it has been for a long time to focus on happy, positive things this year, despite a few clouds in my sky. I put a lot of this down to the fact that I've been more motivated about contacting family and friends on a regular basis, not the usual intermittent way I usually do things;
  3. eat healthily as much as possible - keeping the child healthy and gorgeous is an amazing incentive, so for the most part, this has been going okay and is easier than ever before. However, I have to admit to eating an enormous number of biscuits over Birthday Week. And today I had a magnificent berry cream meringue roulade that I can't bring myself to regret;
  4. feed the cat daily - between Sweeney's and my efforts, Pippi's reporting the service around here is above reproach; and
  5. have people over more often - we've been playing host to family for Birthday Week, and that's been good fun. Dad's staying at the moment, and is encouraging me to just keep grinding away at the de-cluttering that needs to be done. I'm actually looking forward to getting into more of it tomorrow.

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