Friday, 13 February 2009


Yesterday it rained like crazy, so much so that we got caught in it for a few minutes and a bath and pyjamas were in order when we got home. Today, not so much rain, but chilly - a southerly change. I had to go dig out Sweeney's jacket and a woolly hat this morning, and he wore socks for the first time in weeks. I'm wearing woollen tights.
I'm taking a break from sewing up a kimono jacket for the new baby at No.8. I don't know his name, but he's a new baby and they're brilliant for enabling stashbusting. Tossing up whether I should knock up a hat for his big brother, but I'm so keen to get stuff out of the house that I may not have the patience. Met Ethan at the EIK party yesterday, who's eight weeks old, and is in line for the next kimono jacket. They're terribly easy to make, and I found Sweeney's one was gorgeous and useful when he was wee.
The Big Strong Boy's first night in his bed went great. Here's how:
  • he didn't fall out;
  • there's plenty of room for both him and the cat;
  • he only got up once, and that was to collect some toys and take them back to bed with him;
  • he really enjoyed his first experience of breakfast in bed.

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