Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Le Semaine That Was ...

Good things that happened at La Maison d'Ange et Sweeney this week, not in order of chronology or importance:
  • found this website, via Supervery, that's got me up to speed about the internet and copyright and personal freedoms and whatnot;
  • tried making Donna Hay's banana cake and it turned out weird, not cakey, but still delicious;
  • tried making Nigella's onion mush and it turned out amazing;
  • managed to knock up a delicious Nigella-type dinner for Dad's last night - steak Mirabeau, gratin potatoes and chocolate peach pudding;
  • Martin got his personal health WOF and was released from hospital;
  • Adam popped in for a visit on his way to see Martin. From Sydney. For one day. Kind of impressive;
  • Harper ditched his olds and came over for a visit with the cool gang;
  • Harper's toybox, the engineering feat of the century, was completed and delivered to KimberleyJoeHarper's house;
  • Sweeney and I went out to see Sweeney's great-grandmother - Granny - in Alicetown. His Auntie Anne and Uncle Brendan are over from Sydney also. Brendan won him over in about half a second with a set of five Hot Wheels and a Lego concrete mixer that they assembled together;
  • Dad and I spent a happy hour or so at Pick A Part at Naenae - dead car heaven;
  • our friend Louis had his tenth birthday;
  • Harper and Sweeney dragged their mums and grandad to the Ribble Street Races, to eat sausages in bread and watch kids of all ages go vrrroom;
  • we went to our street party, where someone cooked our sausages perfectly, and Sweeney took off with neighbourhood boys for hijinx, possibly involving Johan's guinea pig;
  • finished the kimono jacket for the newish poppet at No.8. Just working up the stones to walk over the road and give it to his parents, and somehow not appear like a weirdo who knits unsolicited kimonos. Hmm, tough sell, that one ... ;
  • Dad, Kimberley and I tried bubble tea at Cha. I can report that taro flavoured bubble tea is delicious;
  • lost my camera, called a million places to see if I'd left it there, then found it in a dark corner of my bag. In my defence, it's a big, dark bag;
  • got word that my mum's notched up 50 days without smoking. Good work, Mum!! Good work, Nana!!;
  • found some beautiful old photos of my parents, grandparents and sister, in a box in the front room;
  • Sweeney brought home a truly splendid collage he'd made at preschool, using a beautiful sea-green colour as a theme. It's on the wall where I see it a million times a day. Such a great colour makes me feel good.

I think that brings us up to date. Except that I've mislaid my camera again ...

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Christy said...

A knitted kimono jacket! How exciting! I hope you take a picture for us? (if you can keep the camera on top of the dark bag. I understand the deep dark bag.) The more I read about NZ, the more it sounds like a place I would love. All the food sounds in this post sounds delicious too.

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